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2012 International Workshop on Languages for the Multi-core Era

               June 13 2012, at ECOOP 2012, Beijing China
(also colocated with PLDI, ISMM, LCTES, the X10 workshop, and other events)

LaME is an interactive venue for exposing, evaluating, and developing programming language support for concurrency. This workshop provides a forum for the proposal and discussion of creative ideas that spur the development of innovative or improved concurrency models, languages, run-time systems, libraries and tools for multicore programming.


Concurrent programming has become a fundamental approach for leveraging the processing power of modern multi-core architectures. And, although research in concurrent programming models and languages is decades old, writing concurrent software today continues to be challenging and error-prone as always. The advent of multi-core architecture refueled the quest for efficient concurrency models and productive programming languages. Consequently, the last decade has been witness to a growing effort of research in this area. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for the proposal and discussion of new ideas in concurrent programming languages and models, and to provide feedback to authors in an informal atmosphere.

LaME 2012 was a success

We want to acknowledge the contributions of all involved in preparing and also attending LaME. We had full house and a very rewarding day of presentations and debate.

Here are some photos taken during the event wrap-up...

Foto1.jpg Foto2.jpg


You can find the PDFs of the slides (and other material) used by LaME speakers in the following links:

David F. Bacon [1]

Haitao Steve Zhu and Yu David Liu [2]

Suresh Jagannathan [3]

Aaron Turon [4]

Daniel Atkins, Alex Potanin, Lindsay Groves [5]

Pawel T. Wojciechowski [6]

Rob Bocchino [7] Rob's notes...


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